Yuviderm: reviews, photo before and after

Juviderm (Juvederm ®) - a line of dermal fillers based on stabilized hyaluronic acid, used to correct the depth of wrinkles, nasolabial folds, atrophic scars, as well as to increase the volume of the lips, cheeks and cheeks. The manufacturer is the company "Allergan Inc." (USA), known to any cosmetologist by the drug Botox ®, which is widely used to correct dynamic wrinkles in the forehead and the corners of the eyes.

Restylane: drug reviews

Restylane ® is a dermal filler based on stabilized hyaluronic acid, which is used to smooth wrinkles and folds, correct atrophic scars, and also to increase cheekbones, cheeks and lip volume. Manufacturer - the company "Q-Med" (Sweden), which in turn is part of the pharmaceutical company "Galderma", specializing in the development and sale of drugs for dermatology.

Facial photorejuvenation: reviews, prices

Facial photorejuvenation is one of the methods of physiotherapy, which allows you to increase skin elasticity and improve its appearance. There are two main technologies that are used for photorejuvenation - LED-technique (LED therapy), IPL-method (intense pulsed light). These techniques are completely different, and the choice between them will directly depend on the results you want to achieve.

Botox for face: reviews, effects

Botox (Botox ® Cosmetic) is a preparation based on botulinum toxin type A, manufactured by the American company Allergan Inc. Most often, this drug is used to correct dynamic wrinkles on the face - in the forehead and between the eyebrows, vertical wrinkles on the lips, "puppet wrinkles" in the corners of the mouth, as well as to effectively eliminate the crow's feet in the corners of the eyes.

Dysport: reviews, photo before and after

Dysport (Dysport ®) is a botulinum toxin type A preparation manufactured by the UK company Ipsen Products. According to the mechanism of action, it is analogous to Botox ®, having exactly the same indications for use, as well as a similar high safety profile. In Russia, the drug is sold in bottles of 300 and 500 U.