Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid: reviews

Not all people can boast full, well-defined lips, but in addition to the anatomical features, age-related changes play a big role in this. The fact is that with age, the width and volume of the lips tend to gradually decrease, which is due to a decrease in the volume of muscle tissue and subcutaneous fat.

Correction of nasolacrimal sulcus: reviews

Age-related changes in the area around the eyes include: hyperpigmentation, edema, circles under the eyes, dynamic and static wrinkles, drooping of the eyebrows, loss of elasticity of the eyelid skin, the appearance of "bags under the eyes" (hernial fatty tissue protrusion), and the appearance of furrows. The latter include - nasolacrimal, vectocellular, nososculoid, nasoschechnuyu furrow.

Darsonval: reviews for hair, for face

Darsonvalization is a physiotherapeutic method of affecting the skin and mucous membranes by a weak, pulsed alternating current of high frequency. Under the influence of current pulses, the microcirculation of the blood is enhanced, which leads to a better saturation of the tissues with oxygen and nutrients, and an increase in metabolism.

Xeomin: reviews of beauticians

Xeomin ® is a botulinum therapy drug that can be easily attributed to a new generation of botulinum toxins, since it contains only pure botulinum toxin type A, which is almost completely free from complexing proteins (why it is important and what these proteins affect - we will tell a little below).

Botulaks, Refineks, Lantoks

For completeness, we decided to write a review about the three preparations based on botulinum toxin type A, which are more budgetary options for botulinotherapy. It will be about the drug "Botulaks" (Korea), which is positioned as a complete analogue of the well-known drug Botox ®, as well as about Chinese botulinum toxins - under the trademarks "Refinex" and "Lantox".