Depilation wax at home

Depilation with wax at home is a fairly simple procedure, requiring basically only the correct choice of wax marks or wax strips. It will be an excellent option for removing unwanted hair for a long time, unless, of course, you have problems with ingrown hairs or inflammation of hair follicles.

Ways to remove unwanted hair with wax -

  • with warm or hot wax,
  • Depilation with wax in cartridges and cloth strips,
  • using wax strips (the wax has already been applied to the paper or fabric base and is applied without heating).

We will consider in detail the techniques and products for each type of waxing. This detailed review will help you avoid many of the problems faced by beginners, and will ease your first procedure, as well as help you choose the best hot wax or wax strips for depilation.

Depilation wax: techniques

Most often the girls are interested in: how exactly the depilation is done at home, and especially - the depilation of the bikini zone at home. Since the hair in the bikini zone is often more hard and thick (than in any other places), only hot wax can effectively cope with it. Keep in mind that, unlike cold and warm wax - hot wax is best suited for depilation of hard hair.

Warm wax differs from hot wax in that as a result of the inclusion of special additives in the composition, the wax becomes plastic at a lower temperature. This reduces the risk of skin burns, but slightly degrades the adhesive strength of the wax with the hairs. Wax depilation at home can also be carried out with the help of special wax cartridges, which we also describe below.

1. Hot wax depilation -

In order to use hot wax for depilation at home - you may need a special wax-melt, which will facilitate the whole procedure (Fig.4-7). Since almost all models of wax-melts have built-in sensors for heating and maintaining the temperature of the heated wax - you will not need to constantly warm the cooled wax, and check to what temperature it is heated. All this will make waxing for you.

The temperature to which the wax should be heated is indicated on the manufacturer's packaging (usually 40-50 degrees). If there is no wax-melt, then the wax is heated in a microwave or in a water bath. Depending on the manufacturer, as well as the amount of wax - the time it is heated in the microwave may vary (from 1 to 3 minutes). Hot wax should become viscous, but not very hot, so as not to get burned.

The main stages of depilation with hot wax -
1) the wax must be heated to the desired temperature
2) apply hot wax on the skin with a special spatula-spatula (Fig.8),
3) wait a bit - from 20 seconds to 1 minute (depending on the brand of wax),
4) and a sharp movement to tear the hardened cake of wax from the skin (Fig.9).

2. Wax for depilation in cartridges -

Warm wax for depilation in cartridges is a new form of wax, which appeared quite recently (Fig.10). Such cartridges are inserted into a special device, which simultaneously acts as a wax melt, and also has a rotating roller for applying molten wax to the skin (Fig.11). Wax in cartridges is best for depilating face or skin with thin, soft hair.

Wax for depilation in cartridges: how to use ...
Leaning the roller on the skin, you need to hold them on the desired area, which will lead to the application of wax on the skin evenly thin layer. Immediately after that, you need to attach a tissue napkin to this area of ​​the skin (they come in a set with cartridges), and carefully smooth it out. Next, you need to wait a bit until the wax hardens, then a sharp movement against the growth of hair - tear off the fabric strip (Fig. 12).


Depilation wax: video

Hot Wax Depilation: Useful Tips

1. Make a peeling before each waxing procedure.

Peeling is primarily needed in order to prevent the appearance of ingrown hair. After you pull the hair out of the hair follicles, the skin pores, through which the hair penetrates, can close and the hair will grow subcutaneously. This problem is then faced by almost half of women who are waxing their hair.

It is best to do the peeling with special gloves for peeling or using a body scrub. In general, peeling using scrubs or special gloves should be done constantly (at least 2-3 times a week). Then it will prevent the problem of ingrown hair after depilation with wax, plus it will make your skin smoother.

2. Always use baby powder or talcum powder before waxing.

After you have peeled off the surface layer of dead skin with peeling - powder it with baby powder or talcum powder. It will absorb excess moisture and fat, and this will improve the adhesion of the wax to the skin and hairs.

3. Ensure that unwanted hair is the correct length.

In order for all the hairs to be captured with wax - they should not be too long or too short. The optimal length, which will allow a good stick to the wax and then easily get out from the root - from 5 mm to 1.5 cm. If the hairs are too long, they will need to be cut, and if they are too short, then wait a bit until they grow.

4. Always check the temperature of the wax when using the hot wax depilation method.

If we are talking about solid types of wax for hot wax depilation that need to be warmed up before the procedure, then it is necessary to check the temperature of the wax before applying it to the skin. If the heated wax turns out to be too hot, you will get burned. If the wax is not hot enough, wax depilation simply does not remove the hair, but only stains the skin. But, if you use ordinary wax strips, then here, of course, there are no risks.

5. Always tear off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.

It is very important! Remember that wax is always applied in the direction of hair growth, and removed - always against the growth of hair (you still need to tighten the skin with your free hand). Movement tearing must be very sharp and fast. The wax cake needs to be torn off in one movement, otherwise not all hairs will come off.

But to repeat the procedure is not recommended, since the repeated application of hot wax and its subsequent tearing off will necessarily lead to skin injury. If sparse hairs still remain after waxing, then it is better to remove them with tweezers.

6. Always moisturize the skin after the procedure.

This tip is suitable for any kind of unwanted hair removal. After the procedure it is necessary to moisturize and soothe the skin. This is especially important if you have thin sensitive skin. Any means that you like will do.

Depilatory wax: reviews, which one to choose

Wax for home depilation produced by different companies of various forms: briquettes, tablets, disks, granules, cans, cartridges. Form release does not matter. Wax for depilation is inexpensive to buy - it is not difficult, but it is much more difficult to choose the best manufacturer, with which waxing will become less painful and more effective.

The following hot waxes are the most popular for depilation:

  • Warm wax for depilation "Veet" -
    The French company "Veet" is the most famous in the Russian market. Offers warm wax for depilation in 250 ml cans. As a rule, one can is enough to remove 1 time the hair from all the main areas of the body: the legs, the bikini lines, the armpits and the face.

    Warm wax for Veet depilation requires only 40 seconds of heating in a microwave and promises to remove hair the first time and is easily washed off with water. Available in two versions: warm wax with the scent of jasmine and warm wax with essential oils (they cost from 550 rubles).

  • Wax "Beauty Image" -
    wax for depilation beauty image is a spanish wax brand. Beauty image wax can be bought in disks, metal packaging, in granules or cartridges. They have a large variety of colors, fragrances, and additives - from vegetable oils to fruit extracts, and allow you to achieve the perfect result - velvety, moisturized, smooth skin.

    Wax Beauty image: price
    → Beauty image wax in disks (pack. 300 gr.) - from 800 rubles,
    → in metal cans of 100 gr. - from 350 rubles,
    → In cartridges on 80 gr. - from 145 rubles.

  • Film wax "White Line Natura" -
    wax granules made in Italy. It is often called - film wax for depilation, because it melts already at 42 degrees and when applied to the skin quickly forms a film, which is then easy to remove.

    Hot film wax in granules from the White Line includes rubber components that, due to their plasticity, easily replicate the relief of the body and do an excellent job with tight and short hairs, so depilation of the bikini area will become a normal and easy procedure at home.

    White Line Wax: Price
    → White Line granular wax (pack 500 gr.) - from 600 rubles,
    → wax in a jar of 400 ml costs - from 400 rubles,
    → hot wax in cartridges (pack of 100 gr.) - from 155 rubles.

  • Wax "Depilflax" (Spain) -
    the manufacturer claims that depilating waxing at home with its products will be a pleasant and simple procedure for women. Hot wax from Depilflax is suitable for any type of hair, including hard. It has a plastic texture. Suitable for depilation of any skin areas, including the face. Depilation in intimate areas with Depilflax waxes is less painful.

    The manufacturer has a wide variety of different waxes for any skin type with a variety of fragrances, colors and properties: for sensitive skin, for allergic skin, for dry, normal skin, with anti-inflammatory effects, with improved microcirculation, etc.

    Wax Depilflax: Cost
    → hot wax in tiles (volume 110 g) - costs from 140 rubles,
    → hot wax in cartridges (100 ml.) - from 150 rubles,
    → hot wax in metal cans (800 ml each) - from 750 rubles,
    → an economical large package of wax (1 kg) - from 1000 rubles.

  • Wax "DAEN" (Spain) -
    Daen produces hot wax in granules, tablets, cartridges, and saucepan cans with a pen. DAEN waxes melt at a temperature of 55-60 degrees, therefore, when applied, the skin pores are well opened and hairs are removed more easily. As part of a large percentage of natural resins pine. They do an excellent job with such procedure as depilation of the intimate zone, depilation of bikini, underarms and other sensitive areas of the body.

    Wax DAEN: price
    → hot wax in tablets (pack. 260 gr.) - from 400 rubles,
    → hot creamy wax in granules (pack. 225 gr.) - from 200 rubles,
    → cream wax in a metal saucepan (pack 90 gr.) - from 190 rubles.

  • Italian wax "RO.ial" -
    Ro.ial wax has a base of natural vegetable resins with various additives, is available in cartridges and granules. The company is also proud of its development of a special gel wax for the skin, which has a synthetic basis. This wax is suitable for allergies to natural resin.

    Wax Ro.ial - price
    → granulated wax in bags (pack of 1 kg) - from 900 rubles,
    → wax in cartridges (unitary enterprise. 110 gr.) - from 110 rubles.

Hair removal strips at home -

With regard to cold waxing wax, then here come in wax strips for hair removal. The wax is already applied in a thin layer on a special base, and it is cut into strips that are convenient to use.

How to use wax strips for depilation -

Using wax strips for depilation is very simple, and it does not require any special skills.
This product is completely ready for use. His only need to warm up in the hands, rubbing between the palms. After that, the strip is pasted on the skin strictly in the direction of hair growth. After that, the strip must be carefully straightened, pressing it to the skin. Next, wax strips for depilation come off, but it is important to do it strictly against hair growth.

As for sets, then depilation strips can be bought at any supermarket. All manufacturers, on average, in a box from 10 to 24 strips, plus wet wipes for use after the procedure. Wipes are needed in order to clean the skin of wax residues, and at the same time they still soothe and moisturize the skin.

Depilatory wax strips - brand overview

  • "Lady Caramel" (16 strips + 4 napkins) - from 140 rubles
    girls praise the wax strips of Lady Caramel - because of their price, a large number of strips in a pack, the presence of 4 napkins. This waxing set is also distinguished by a wide variety of aromas of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, green tea ...

    The manufacturer promises a long-lasting effect due to the extract of the roots of narcissus, which is part of the wax strips. Narcissus root extract inhibits hair growth.

  • "Shary " (12 strips + 2 napkins) - from 250 rubles
    Shary wax strips have the following varieties: strips for sensitive skin, strips for dry skin and special strips for hard hair. The package also has a special cooling gel, which also inhibits hair growth.
  • "Markell" (20 strips + 3 pads with butter) - from 240 rubles. Markell wax strips are designed for the face, underarms, and bikini areas. Hypoallergenic. They are praised for a convenient size.
  • "Deep Depil" (20 strips + balsam) - from 160 rubles
    Deep Depil wax strips - reviews claim that these strips stretch easily and perfectly repeat the curves of the body (thanks to the stretch-based). They are also praised for gentle care after the procedure, as it contains a soothing balm, and the wax itself contains chamomile oil extract, which prevents inflammation and irritation of the skin.
  • "Veet" (10-12 strips and 2 napkins) - from 380 rubles
    Veet wax strips - reviews claim that despite the effectiveness of strips, many girls complain about a small set of napkins in a package, and also that the price of veet wax strips - the price (apparently due to active advertising) is greatly overestimated.

    Veet wax strips have many options: for sensitive skin, for dry, for normal, as well as strips with shea butter, rose scents, essential oils. Veet "Suprem Essence" series - wax strips for bikini, face and underarms.

  • "Byly" (12 strips + 2 napkins) - from 350 rubles
    Byly strips contain natural ingredients in the composition of the wax. There are varieties of stripes specifically for short hair, with aromas of chocolate, peach-papaya, mint-green tea and aloe vera. For very sensitive skin, the manufacturer has released the “Gold” series, which promises special skin care, softness and radiance.
  • "Cliven" (20-24 strips) - from 325 rubles
    Cliven strips are of two types: firstly - for the face and bikini zone, and secondly - for the body (with a natural composition, pleasant aroma and soft care).
  • "Tanita" (10/24 strips + 3/5 napkins) - from 280 rubles
    Tanita wax strips contain natural honey wax. The strips have a paper base, there are two types of them: separately for the face and separately for the body. The composition consists of an extract of fragrant wood, which softens the skin and prevents inflammation. Some girls complain that these strips do not take short hairs.

How to remove wax after depilation -

Generally, waxing at home is a bit troublesome and requires certain skills. Common problems are:

  • problems with how to remove wax from the skin after depilation,
  • difficulties of cleaning the workplace after depilation (when using hot wax).

After depilation, wax can be removed from the skin with special wipes, which are sold together with wax, or cotton swabs dipped in olive or any other vegetable oil. Oily fluids easily cope with any wax residue on the skin.

But to wash the wax for depilation from other surfaces (cleaning the workplace) can be alcohol, turpentine, or special tools sold in specialized hardware stores. Of course, you can try and cleanse the skin with alcohol, but remember that alcohol has a strong drying effect on the skin, and you shouldn’t do it anyway.

We hope that our article on the topic: Which is best to buy wax for depilation at home - turned out to be useful to you!

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