Epilator: reviews which one is better

Home epilator is an electrical device with a rotating head, which contains many small "clips". During rotation of the head, the clips open and close, grabbing and pulling hairs from the root. As a result, you get a smooth, velvety skin without unwanted hair (for about 2 weeks).

How to use the epilator -

In order to get good and long-term results after epilation, you need to know how to use the epilator correctly. If you bought an epilator that is intended for use on dry skin - your skin should be completely clean and dry, without any moisturizing agents on it. You can use special wipes, which will not only cleanse and defat the skin before epilation, but also soothe it.

If you are using an epilator for the first time, then it is best to do it not before going out to people, because chances are that after epilation the skin will be irritated and there will be reddening on it for a while. It is best to carry out hair removal in the evening (before bedtime), so that the next morning your skin, after a rest, has a silky and smooth look.

How to use epilator: video

Recommendations for the use of epilators -

These recommendations will tell you how to use the epilator to achieve better results and more comfort ...

  • Be sure to do the peeling before each use of the epilator.
  • Keep the epilator at a 90 degree angle and do not press it strongly against the skin.
  • Stretch the skin during the procedure in the direction of hair growth.
  • Spend epilator against hair growth.
  • Move the epilator slowly, do not rush, if you do not want to break off the hairs, instead of pulling them out of the root.
  • Be sure to clean the epilator head every time after the procedure.
  • If you have a wireless epilator, be sure to fully charge it at least once a month - this will prolong its battery life.

Diagrams of the direction of hair growth and movement of the epilator (in the opposite direction of hair growth) -


Epilators: which one is better to choose, rating 2019

In general, comparing models and choosing the best epilator from them is a rather difficult task, but we tried to identify their main differences and also compare prices so that you know how to choose the epilator correctly. In our review, we reviewed several of the best and most well-known epilator models, including the Braun 7951 Silk epil 7 epilator, the most complete Panasonic epilator, the Panasonic ES ED94 S520, and the Roventa epilator, Rowenta Aquaperfect Soft EP9330.

Epilators which one is better to choose will depend on the following criteria:

  • the number of hair clips on the rotating head,
  • waterproof (can be used in the bath or shower),
  • the ability to select speeds
  • wired or wireless,
  • is there any extra attachments for the face, bikini,
  • how much the epilator costs (they differ in price several times).

1. Epilator Brown Silk Epil 9 (model 9-579)

The set includes: a trimmer, a nozzle for the face, a brush for cleaning the pores of the face, a nozzle for massage, a shaving head, an Efficiency attachment (helps to keep the epilator under the correct inclination with respect to the skin surface).

→ head 40% wider,
→ waterproof,
→ pulsating vibrations,
→ backlight system
→ 2 speeds
→ wireless.

→ high price - this epilator Brown can be bought starting from 10,700 rubles.

2. Epilator Brown Silk Epil 7 (model 7-7681)

The bundle immediately comes: Efficiency tip, trimmer, facial tip, tip for sensitive areas. Epilator Brown Silk Epil 7: reviews ...

→ 40 hair clips in the head,
→ 2 speeds
→ waterproof,
→ wireless,
→ there is a headlight,
→ cost - from 7990 rubles

Cons: no

3. Epilator Brown Silk Epil 7 (model 7-7951)

The epilator of Braun 7951 Silk Epil 7 is made on the basis of model 7681 (see above), only a set of nozzles comes with it. The manufacturer assures that the entire kit can replace the full SPA procedures for body care. Included: a trimmer, a razor, a nozzle-massager, a nozzle for the face, a nozzle for a bikini area, a brush for cleaning the pores of the face, a brush for peeling, plus a head for peeling with Sonic technology.

→ 40 hair clips in the head,
→ 2 speeds
→ waterproof,
→ wireless,
→ there is a headlight.

→ for some reason there is no indication of battery charging,
→ high cost - from 9990 rubles.

4. Epilator Panasonic ES ED94 S520

Included are 7 nozzles: a shaving nozzle with a trimmer, a nozzle for epilating arms and legs, a nozzle for a bikini area, a nozzle for delicate epilation, a nozzle for peeling, a nozzle for foot care, a nozzle-comb. Cost - from 7390 rubles

→ the head has 48 hair clips,
→ 2 speeds,
→ waterproof,
→ backlight
→ wireless.

Cons: no.

5. Epilator Brown Silk Epil 5 (model 5-5780)

Included are: shaving head, trimmer, nozzle Efficiency, face nozzle and bikini.

→ 40 hair clips in the head,
→ 2 speeds
→ the cost of just 6950 rubles.

→ network powered (wired),
→ no light,
→ Not waterproof (but can be rinsed under running water).

All older models of Brown epilators, for example, such as a hygienic epilator Silk Epil Eversoft 3270 - do not have any additional nozzles, brushes. This epilator has only 20 hair clips in the head, there are 2 rotation speeds. Comes with a razor and trimmer. All such epilators work on the network, but they are low cost. So, for example, the hygienic epilator Silk Epil Eversoft 3270, which we considered, costs only 2700 rubles.

6. Epilator Rowenta Aquaperfect Soft EP9330

Included: razor, trimmer, exfoliating peeling nozzle, nozzle for the intimate area. Cost - from 6920 rubles

→ ultra-compact and ergonomic,
→ 2 speed levels
→ waterproof,
→ headlight,
→ wireless.

→ only 24 clips for hairs in the head,
→ small set of nozzles.

7. Epilator Philips HP6549 00 - reviews

Included is a separate mini epilator for the face and for the intimate area, as well as the usual tweezers for eyebrows. The cost of such an epilator starts from 4390 rubles. At this pluses (in our opinion) and end.

→ one speed,
→ total 20 hair clips in the head,
→ not waterproof (but can be washed under water),
→ wired.

Epilator: reviews

1. How long do the results last?

Since the epilator removes hairs from the root - it will take some time for them to grow again. On average, the result lasts about two weeks, but a lot depends on your individual characteristics (for example, hormonal levels, which affects the rate of hair growth).

With constant hair removal hair becomes thinner and thinner, so you will have to use the epilator less and less, and the procedure itself will take less and less time over time. In addition, after prolonged use of the epilator, the follicles are damaged, and the time to restore them increases. Therefore, gradually the hairs will grow back more slowly.

The amount of hair before using the epilator (Fig.11, 12) and 14 days after -

2. Does the epilator hurt?

Although epilators are an effective method of removing unwanted hair - in the first times the use of the epilator will be very painful. Therefore, it would be better if you drink a painkiller pill, for example, Nurofen, 1 hour before the procedure. Over time, the pain from epilators may decrease due to the gradual adaptation of the skin to the procedure. In addition, the hairs gradually become thinner and weaker, and therefore it becomes easier to tear them out of the hair follicles.

Some epilators have pre-massage devices on their heads (for example, Brown Silk Epil epilator and Philips epilator), which help reduce pain during the procedure. The best way to reduce pain and discomfort during epilation is to try to relax and reduce the sensitivity of the skin, after sitting for a few minutes in hot water. When the skin is heated, the pores expand, which makes it easier to remove hairs sticking out of them.

Currently, there are special epilators that can work under water, because They are completely waterproof. These models include -

  • Epilator Brown Silk Epil 9,
  • Epilator Brown Silk Epil 7,
  • Philips Satin Perfect HP6582 epilator.

3. Is it possible to use the epilator for the face and for the bikini zone?

Most epilators are designed to remove hair from the whole body, so you can use them on any zone, and remove any types and types of hair. However, there are special tips for hair removal of certain areas. Removal of unwanted facial hair with a standard epilator head will be a completely inconvenient procedure (due to its large size).

Epilators for the bikini zone: which one is better ...
It is advisable to purchase an epilator that has special nozzles with a smaller head size that can be used for the bikini and face areas. The following models are positioned precisely as a special epilator for the face and bikini zone -

  • Epilator Brown Silk Epil 9,
  • epilator Philips HP6549 00.

4. Side effects after using the epilator

The biggest and most unpleasant side effect of using the epilator is ingrown hairs (fig.14-16). Most often they appear on the legs, but in the bikini area they will certainly be. Note that the problem of ingrown hair is relevant not only when using home epilators, but also for other types of epilation (for example, when epilating with wax or sugar paste).

To prevent the appearance of ingrown hair, regular peeling is necessary. This is the only means to solve this problem. Peeling allows you to exfoliate dead skin cells, and it should be done both before and after using the epilator. It is desirable 1 time - in two or three days. Then you will definitely have a smooth and velvety skin.

Home use laser epilator: reviews

In addition to the epilators that pull the hair mechanically - there are laser epilators for home use, which use the power of light to remove hair. Such laser epilators work on the same principle as professional laser hair removal machines, which in several procedures can save you from hair for good.

Which laser epilator to buy -
For us, the main criterion for choosing laser epilators was their effectiveness and safety for the skin, and therefore the rating includes only laser home epilators that were approved by the FDA (US government organization for the control of food quality, medical devices and technologies).

1. Laser epilator "Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X"

Clinical studies of 79 patients confirmed an average 70% reduction in the number of hairs after the first treatment. In the same study, it was found that to achieve a stable hair reduction over the next 12 months, it took only 3 complete procedures.

This epilator is one of the most popular models of home epilators in the United States. In popularity ratings from consistently takes 3-4 places. For accuracy, it should be noted that in such ratings both laser epilators and no less effective home photo epilators operating on the principle of photoepilation are presented at the same time.


  • sustainable result
  • no replacement of cartridges is required,
  • built-in skin tone sensor
  • wireless,
  • the same technologies as professional laser devices
  • A small laser head is suitable for processing not only the body, but also the face, bikini lines, and underarms.


  • a small head means a lot of processing time,
  • the battery lasts for 30 minutes (further charging is needed),
  • The device is designed for 90,000 flashes and does not have replaceable cartridges that could be purchased. However, only about 2,000 flashes are needed for a single treatment of the entire body.

Cost of:
in online stores, such as EBAY or AMAZON, you can buy this laser epilator for home use within $ 450-600.

2. Laser epilator "Tria Precision"

This compact and beautiful laser epilator perfectly copes with its task. Clinical studies show up to 70% reduction in the amount of hair after 3 weeks of use (already after the second procedure). After 2-3 months of use, it was noted that the newly growing hair becomes thin and light. After 3 months of use, those hair follicles that were affected by Tria Precision became completely unviable.


  • compact (fits easily into a handbag),
  • wireless,
  • 3 levels of intensity
  • reasonable price - from $ 300,
  • well suited for sensitive areas (face, underarms, bikini area). No more laser device will allow such areas to be processed accurately and delicately.


  • treatment of large areas of the body is long and tedious,
  • one charge lasts only 5-20 minutes of work (depending on the chosen level of intensity of flashes).

What you need to know before you buy a laser epilator -

When buying a laser epilator, it is important to know the following points:

  • Before laser hair removal can not do -
    waxing, shugaring or other types of hair removal, which remove hair from the root, should not be done. Hair follicles must be intact so that the laser epilator can act on them and destroy. If the hair follicle is damaged or missing (after pulling out, for example), the laser simply will not work.

    As a rule, this is the main reason for not very good reviews after using a home laser epilator. The best way to prepare before using a laser epilator is shaving, in which the hair roots remain intact.

  • Limitations on the use of laser epilators -
    Do not use a home laser epilator if you have a dark skin tone (tones 5-6), as well as on certain skin areas. For example, the skin on the genitals and around the anus is usually darker and more sensitive, and therefore cosmetologists do not recommend the use of a laser in these areas.

    If you have tattoos or birthmarks on the treated surface that are darker in color than the surrounding tissues - check with a skin tone sensor to see if you can use a laser on them. As a rule, each epilator has a built-in skin tone sensor.

  • The result depends on the thickness and color of your hair.  -
    In general, the thicker the hair on the treated surface, the faster you will see the result of using a laser epilator. Thicker hair has a larger surface area and contains more melanin, and therefore it will absorb more laser radiation than thin hair. If you have thin hair, then you need more sessions to see the result.

    If you have blond hair, then you will need more procedures, or the result will be generally unsatisfactory. Blond hair contains little melanin, and therefore the hair root is heated in such hair is weaker. However, there is a little trick: before laser hair removal hair can be tinted in a dark color.

  • Different people have different results. -
    Each of us is unique, and a large number of factors affect the final result. The size and shape of your hair follicles, the actual hair color at the roots (and not the one on the skin surface), the tone of your skin, and much more - all this affects the quality of laser hair removal.

We hope that our article on the topic: Which epilator is better to buy 2019 reviews - turned out to be useful to you!

Author: editors of the portal.

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