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Shugaring is nothing more than epilation with a viscous sugar paste. That is why this method is often called the term "sugar hair removal". Shugaring at home is most often carried out with homemade pasta, but in the salons, ready-made pastes are used for these purposes, which can be bought at pharmacies or cosmetics stores.

Shugaring is a very simple and inexpensive method of hair removal, which provides good short-term results. It should be noted that sugar hair removal at home is of two types -
1) proper shugaring, the paste for which consists only of sugar (fig. 1-3),
2) epilation with wax paste with added sugar (Fig.4-6).

Shugaring: photo

Differences shugaringa from wax-sugar hair removal -sugar epilation and wax epilation with added sugar are completely different epilation techniques. First, they differ in composition. Secondly, in spite of the fact that both methods require heating of the initial components, the shugaring paste must be cooled to room temperature before being applied to the skin, but when waxing and waxing epilation, the components are applied hot to the skin (they should cool down on the skin). Third, the shugaring does not require the use of any fabric strips, and when using a combination of sugar and wax, fabric strips will already be required.

Wax-sugar hair removal using tissue strips: photo

Shugaring paste at home: a recipe

Shugaring at home is a reasonably inexpensive and easy way to remove unwanted hair, especially if you prepare your own sugar paste. If you are too lazy to do this, then in some pharmacies ready-made shugaring paste is sold. It is this kind of pasta used in salons. The price range is very large, but the cost of high-quality pasta (made only from natural ingredients) can reach $ 50.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of inexpensive shugaring pastes are made not from sugar, but from synthetic resin (it is obtained from oil). Sugar, various fragrances, and herbal extracts are then added to this resin. For allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin this may not be very good. Therefore, carefully read the composition on the package.

The paste that you make yourself will definitely contain only natural ingredients, and therefore it is perfect for sensitive skin. For hair removal, you will need a properly prepared paste for shugaring - a recipe that is quite simple ...

You will need the following ingredients. -

  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1/2 cup lemon or lime juice
  • 1/8 cup water
  • 1 teaspoon of guar gum (optional)
  • pan with non-stick coating.

A few tips on choosing ingredients -

  • Sugar paste for shugaring at home can be prepared from any type of sugar (both light and dark),
  • Guar gum helps to preserve the viscosity of the paste longer, but is not mandatory.
  • If you do not have fresh lemon to squeeze the juice out of it, then you can use citric acid, which is sold both in liquid form and in powder, but then you will need to prepare a solution from the powder.

How to make shugaring at home - the recipe for proper preparation

Shugaring: cooking recipe (fig. 10-12)

  1. Measure out all the ingredients and mix the lemon juice, sugar and water in a saucepan. Put the pot on a small fire and stir the mixture constantly until the sugar is completely dissolved. (It’s best to use a wooden or silicone spatula.)
  2. When the sugar is completely dissolved and the mixture begins to boil, reduce the heat to minimum, continuing to stir it constantly. You will notice how your sugar paste for shugaring begins to darken. The color of the paste will depend on how long it has been heated. Sugar turns brown with prolonged heating, and may have different shades, from maroon to light or dark amber. The paste should be viscous and soft when used at room temperature, and its color is absolutely not important.
  3. When the shugaring paste has become quite viscous, carefully pour it (while it is still hot and liquid) into a separate convenient container and leave to cool for a couple of hours.

Important: do not try to use pasta while it is hot! Allow it to cool to room temperature.


How to do shugaring at home -

Shugaring at home: how to do it right (fig. 13-18)

shugaring at home is best done after a hot shower or bath, because hot water expands the pores and it will reduce the sensitivity of the skin to pain. But do not use any moisturizing cream after a shower, because this will prevent sugar from sticking to the hairs.

It is best to sprinkle the treated area with talcum powder or baby powder - this will help the sugar paste to stick to the hair better. Also keep in mind that sugar hair removal works best on short hair, so you can trim them a bit before the procedure, if required.

Scoop a little cold paste (the size of a large walnut), then gently stretch a slice of paste in the direction against the growth of hair. After you have stretched and pasted part of the paste - wait a few seconds for the paste to penetrate the pores and better stick to the hair.

A few tips ...
→ First of all, it is best if you stretch the treated area of ​​skin with a free hand before applying the paste. In this case, the hairs will slightly stretch out of the skin and will be better captured by the paste.
→ Secondly - stretch each piece of paste on the skin exactly to such a length that one movement of your hand is enough for then to tear it off.

in order to remove the paste from the skin - you need to tear off with sharp movements in the direction of hair growth. You can use the same slice of the paste until it is no longer elastic and hardens.

Do not pull the paste strictly up or to the side! It should only be pulled along the surface of the skin, as if you were shaking something off it. In principle, the direction of your movement of shaking should exactly match the direction in which the hair grows in the area being treated.

go through the same area of ​​skin as many times as necessary. Usually, to remove all the hair from one area of ​​skin - it needs to be passed with sugar paste several times. Sometimes there is discomfort in the most sensitive areas after epilation with sugar, then gently stroke the treated area of ​​the skin with your palm in the direction of hair growth. Frequent stroking movements act as a pain blocker.

small pieces of sugar paste remaining on the skin after the procedure are easy to assemble. To do this - roll the ball from the remnants of pasta and walk around it, collecting the remnants. If the paste gets on clothing or another surface - it is easily washed off with water and does not leave behind any stains (24stoma.ru).

Result: after shugaring the effect lasts for several weeks. If you regularly do shugaring at home, the hair growing back will become less, thinner and softer.

Shugaring at home: video

Problems you may encounter during the procedure -

Below we will give you a list of the main problems that you may encounter when preparing a paste or during the procedure. After reading them, you will know how to do shugaring.

  • During cooking pasta boils and boils strongly -
    when heated or boiling pasta, it rises and can boil away. Therefore, strictly monitor the level of fire, reducing it to a minimum. Use a small / medium sized non-stick saucepan and the smallest hotplate on the stove.
  • The paste turned out too soft or liquid -
    most likely you chose the wrong temperature when cooking pasta, or did not respect the proportions of the ingredients. Try to reheat the paste and heat it up a little longer, or start from scratch.
  • Pasta turned out too hard and dense -
    if it is too long to heat the paste on the fire, then it eventually hardens. If this happens, then just add some water to the paste and put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds until it becomes viscous and soft again.
  • Paste sticks to the skin, spreads, and is difficult to erase -
    Usually, the finished paste is easily separated from the skin, but if you hold it on the skin for too long, it begins to melt and become more sticky. After all, the paste should be at room temperature, and the skin surface has a temperature of 36.6 degrees. Take a new slice of pasta from the container and put it on top of the one that has melted. Together they will come off easily.

Shugaring: deep bikini

In order to make shugaring at home a deep bikini - you will need:

  • sugar paste for shugaring,
  • talc or baby powder,
  • hand mirror (the most convenient size is 15x20 cm).

Regarding the location of the procedure shugaring bikini zone, the best thing is the floor of the bathroom. And easy to clean, and water with a towel at arm's length, and you can close so that no one interferes. The first time you may need more time than you expect, so leave time in reserve. Keep in mind that you will need small pieces of sugar paste and there will be a lot of removed hair. When too much hair sticks to the paste, just throw it away and take the next one.

Important: The treatment area must be completely dry. This is very important because Moisture shugaring paste softens, becomes sticky and difficult to remove from the skin. And this can lead to additional pain or even bruising. Pain can also cause sweating. Therefore, have talc or powder on hand and constantly dry the treated area. When sweating, you may even need to shower again with cool water or go to a cooler room.

1. Shugaring a bikini area on the swimsuit line -

Before shugaring the intimate zone, clearly indicate how much hair you want to remove and where exactly. If you want to remove the hair only on the sides, then you can do it in the supine position.

Technique of -
powder the treated area with powder or talcum powder. Roll a ball the size of a walnut from sugar paste. Work them from the sides to the center. The hair of the upper and inner thigh usually grows downwards. Apply the paste first on the upper part, press it (roll out no larger than your little finger). Leave for a few seconds.

Then, holding the skin on top with one hand, pull the paste down with a flicking movement parallel and close to the skin. Most or all hair should be removed immediately. But if necessary, you can repeat the process. Move to the next section, even closer to the center. You yourself can adjust the treatment area, according to your feelings. When you finish processing one side, you can switch to the other. Make sure that both sides are symmetrical after processing.

2. Shugaring deep bikini: video, technique

Keep in mind that when doing a shugaring deep bikini, you will have to spend some amount of time squatting on your haunches. Start with the powder of the treated area with talcum powder or powder. Put a mirror on the floor. Sit over the mirror so that you can clearly see the entire area of ​​the treated surface.

Technique of -
will have to work from the anus side forward, i.e. along the hair growth in this area. Paste should also be applied in the direction of hair growth. It should be noted that the zone closer to the anus is less sensitive than it might have been expected. What can not be said about the other zone, which is closer to the pubis. Everything is so sensitive there that you have to work with very small pieces of pasta - no more than 2 cm.

But when the whole zone of a deep bikini is pro-epilated, you will enjoy the result for several weeks. The following hairs that grow will be much softer and thinner, and the next procedure of sugar hair removal will be less painful than it was the first time. The main thing is not to delay the subsequent shugaring procedures.

Shugaring deep bikini: video

At the end of the epilation, it will be possible to rinse the skin first with warm water, but finish with cold to reduce pain and soothe the skin. As a rule, redness and irritation disappear after a couple of hours. Usually the next day the skin is already in order.

On which parts of the skin can shugaring be used?

Homemade shugaring paste is used only at room temperature, and besides, all the ingredients are natural and non-toxic. Therefore, the paste can be used on any part of the body - hips, legs, bikini line, deep bikini, face, eyebrows ...

Does shugaring hurt?

Sugar hair removal at home is painful, but the severity of pain is individual for everyone. The procedure will be less painful if you have: a high pain threshold, sparse hair in the area of ​​epilation, as well as if wax epilation or epilation with sugar has already been done on this skin area.

Shugaring or wax which is better?

They often ask questions ... Shugaring or wax which is better? It is not the same? People consider these two similar processes of getting rid of unwanted hair almost the same. However, this is not the case. Although shugaring and waxing are similar to the fact that they pull hairs off the root, the processes themselves are completely different. Let's try to understand the main differences ...

Table 1. Composition.

A real shugaring paste consists entirely of natural foods, such as sugar, lemon juice, water, and sometimes essential oils.Most of the compositions for waxing are based on resins, contain many artificial fragrances, dyes, chemicals and preservatives. Although an allergic reaction can be to natural components, most often allergies are still caused by artificial flavors and ingredients contained in wax.
Sugar paste for shugaring is water-soluble, which means that you can wash it simply with water and it will not leave any stains on any surface.Wax is another story altogether - droplets of wax falling onto a cloth or any surface can only be washed with special chemicals.

Table 2.

Impact on
skin covering
Shugaring does not damage healthy skin tissue, it exfoliates and tears off only dead skin cells.While the wax can also strip off the layer of living skin cells.
EquipmentShugaring paste is applied to the skin at room temperature (it is simply impossible to get a burn).The wax is applied in the form of heat, but sometimes it can be overheated. In the latter case, the skin gets burned.
PainShugaring paste is removed in the direction of hair growth, as if by a brushing motion, which does not stretch the skin and reduces the pain effect.Wax is applied in the direction of hair growth, and is torn off against the growth of hair, which requires skin tension and increases pain.
of application
Some areas of the skin are more sensitive than others. The most painful of these are upper lip, chest, bikini, and genital areas. Home shugaring is an extra-sparing procedure for these zones.

Shugaring: reviews

Of course, shugaring is much better than shaving, and a little better than epilation with hot wax or wax strips. With sugar and wax hair removal, as well as with the use of electric epilators - hair is removed from the skin along with the root, but the hair follicle remains viable.

Such hair removal can lead to the closure of pores (from which hair shafts stick out), followed by subcutaneous hair growth. This is called the term ingrown hair. In addition, pulling hair from the root can lead to the development of folliculitis. This term is understood to mean inflammation of the hair follicles. Especially often such complications are on the legs in the deep bikini zone.

Therefore, shugaring is far from an ideal method. It must be said that more effective hardware hair removal techniques that allow you to get rid of hair forever, for example: E.L.O.S., photoepilation technique, laser hair removal method - do not give such complications.

We hope that our article on the topic: How to make a shugaring recipe at home has proved to be useful to you!

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