Teeth whitening: types and prices

Cosmetic teeth whitening can be professional - in this case, it is carried out in a dental clinic, as well as home - using home remedies (for example, Crest whitening strips, Opalescense whitening gel, and special toothpastes). As a dentist, I have to admit that home remedies for teeth whitening are becoming more and more effective every year.

Teeth whitening strips: reviews

Whitening strips are designed for chemical teeth whitening at home. The bleaching effect is achieved by hydrogen peroxide, which is applied as a gel on the inner surface of the strips. Their advantages include - ease of use, good efficiency, as well as a much more affordable price - compared to bleaching at the dentist.

Whitening Zoom 4: reviews

Teeth whitening ZOOM 4 is one of the methods of professional whitening, which is carried out in a dental office. As an active substance, 25% hydrogen peroxide gel is used - in combination with a special lamp "Zoom WhiteSpeed" (Fig. 1-2), which, according to the manufacturer, increases the strength and speed of bleaching.

How to whiten your teeth at home quickly

Teeth whitening at home in some cases may be no less effective than in the office at the dentist. It is most effective to carry it out with the help of special kits for home bleaching, consisting of a whitening gel and dental caps. The second most effective means, perhaps, is the use of certain types of whitening strips.

Whitening Toothpaste: Dentist Reviews

Whitening toothpaste can be of 2 types. The first option is whitening toothpastes with a high content of abrasive components. Abrasives allow you to remove from the surface of the enamel pigment plaque smoker, stains of strong tea or coffee. Such pastes lighten teeth only by removing surface contaminants that give the teeth a darker shade.