Fractional Fractional Laser: reviews

The Fraxel laser device allows you to reduce the severity of wrinkles, reduce the depth of scars after acne, eliminates age spots, and also treats many other skin problems. The Fraxel Cosmetology Laser is a fractional type laser and is available in three versions: "Fraxel re'fine", "Fraxel re'store" and "Fraxel re'pair".

RF lifting: reviews, photos

RF lifting (eng. Radiofrequency - radio frequency) is a technology of non-surgical skin tightening with the first signs of fading. In Russia, this procedure is often called thermage or thermal lifting. This procedure is ideal for those who (by virtue of a still young age) do not want or do not trust surgical rejuvenation procedures.

Darsonval: reviews for hair, for face

Darsonvalization is a physiotherapeutic method of affecting the skin and mucous membranes by a weak, pulsed alternating current of high frequency. Under the influence of current pulses, the microcirculation of the blood is enhanced, which leads to a better saturation of the tissues with oxygen and nutrients, and an increase in metabolism.

Paraffin therapy for hands at home: reviews

Paraffin therapy for hands and feet, face - is widely used by cosmetologists to achieve good skin hydration, improve its condition, as well as an addition to manicure and pedicure procedures (to improve the condition of nails). This is not an expensive service - paraffin therapy for hands; the price in the cabin will be only about 500-800 rubles.

Facial mezoroller: reviews of cosmetologists

A mesoscooter (dermaroller) is a compact device for fractional mesotherapy at home, which consists of a handle and a moving roller, into the surface of which microneedles of surgical steel or titanium are inserted. The movement of the roller provides controlled superficial damage to the skin with microneedles, in response to which the body reacts by enhancing the processes of regeneration and synthesis of collagen in the skin.

Facial photorejuvenation: reviews, prices

Facial photorejuvenation is one of the methods of physiotherapy, which allows you to increase skin elasticity and improve its appearance. There are two main technologies that are used for photorejuvenation - LED-technique (LED therapy), IPL-method (intense pulsed light). These techniques are completely different, and the choice between them will directly depend on the results you want to achieve.